Why Choose Us
Thirteen years of experience in R & D manufacturing of spring making machine China's leading sales of spring equipment manufacturers
More than 5000 customers choose Zhejiang Yinfeng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, design, manufacture and sale of computer numerical control spring machinery and its peripheral equipment. The company is prepared in 2001 and has seventeen years of production history. All the systems and servo motors of our company are imported from Japan and Taiwan, and are directly used in related products. The product has the characteristics of high precision feeding, stable and accurate shaping action, and novel and pleasant appearance.
We have 2-6 axis computer spring reed machine, 3-13 axis computer spring machine, 4-6 axis computer screw machine, 7 axis 3D wire rod forming machine, turning wire rod forming machine, spring inspection machine, spring machine accessories tool, replacing various high difficult springs.
Our equipment can produce pressure springs, tension springs, torsion springs, screw sleeves and line forming products, suitable for various industries, including electronic, toy, electrical, sports equipment, cars, stationery, instruments, hair ornaments, crafts and so on, all kinds of high precision springs, and can also produce different specifications. Plate shrapnel, hair and so on. In the market with increasingly fierce competition in the future, our company will always be sincere: "technology is the first, quality of service, service is intimate", "innovation, pursuit of excellence", for the spring industry customers to provide a stable quality and reasonable price of the spring production equipment.

Our goal is to manufacture and service spring machinery that meets the needs of the customer's quality technology, and serves as a spring manufacturer's partner in the spring industry. All our colleagues will continue to develop more sophisticated spring machinery, and provide more convenient and efficient technical advice and perfect after-sales service.